Life’s journey is beautifully flawed…

Based on the book, Beautifully Flawed, which chronicles the true-life story of Shari Rigby and how God transformed her flaws and painful past into something beautiful. When Shari is asked to reveal who she really is to the world, opening doors to a shameful past linked to murder, addiction and abuse, she risks losing everything in order to liberate others to use their brokenness for something greater.

Featured Cast

The Journey

The Miracles

MIRACLES happened all around us . . . Before the camera rolled on day one of the shoot, miracles began to happen. With each new day came new challenges that for some productions could have been the end, but we joined forces TOGETHER AS A TEAM and prayed, LEADING us to see miracles that only the Lord could have orchestrated.

The Movement

Beautifully Flawed is about hope, encouraging others that no matter where we find ourselves, whether on top of the world or on our knees crying out on the bathroom floor, we are not alone and we can find purpose. Beautifully Flawed is not about one woman or one story, it is a MOVEMENT, one that others will be inspired to join.

More to Come

EDITING has begun, and a trailer will be released at the end of February, with the final one-hour pilot presentation available in Spring of 2018.

ORIGINAL MUSIC is being created by many talented artists, including one of the producers and band members from BIG DADDY WEAVE.

Why the Series?

Women of all ages and from all walks of life have been influenced by reading Beautifully Flawed, hearing Shari speak, seeing her in October Baby or the other inspirational films in which she has worked.  Many have shared their stories with her and have been encouraged by the way God has used the broken pieces of Shari’s life for something greater.

  • “So I just finished reading your book Beautifully Flawed. And oh. My. Gosh. It was amazing. Your story is so amazing. It's such a beautiful representation of God's grace! I am about to read it for a second time! You are amazing! Your story is just so sweet! I was a teen mom and considered abortion. It was so hard. But thank God for his grace. I went and bought October Baby the second I was done with your book! So precious! I'm so glad you and your husband have been married for a long time, too! What a blessing And seriously thank you SO much for the add! I felt instantly connected to you through your book!

  • “Ms.Rigby: I can't say thank you enough for your book and card. When I got it, it felt like my birthday or Christmas. I've been reading your book and it has sure helped me. It’s not a book to read just once..I'm reading through it again!! Jesus' love and grace is saturated all through it.You are such a light for God and a blessing.. and your book has brought me to tears..Until I read your book, I have felt like such a sinner and that I have messed-up too much. I don't have a dad that is a sheriff, but I have stolen cigarettes from my I seriously had to put the book down and get tissue because I was crying..I felt the Lord so strong reading you book..It has inspired me so much to live more for Jesus.I can truly say,that it has impacted my life and I plan on following your example for living for Jesus Christ. Thank you again so much, Ms. Rigby.” 

    GW Late 20’s
  • “I was on the verge of committing suicide over the entire ordeal the first time & i don't know if i told you that or not. i know i kind of told you but i thought my life had no purpose & i sometimes still struggle thinking about that but i honestly want you know that if it wasn't for your story & for all you've helped me through, i honestly don't think i would've made it to where i am. i'm glad that you think i have a purpose though bc that makes 1 person who has told me that. & you definitely have a purpose. you live your purpose daily & you impact lives.”

    AM 17-year-old
  • I got pregnant with my son Brittain at 17. His father and I never wanted kids and we considered abortion and up until I was about 35 weeks along I considered adoption. I was not a true Christ follower but something told me to keep my son. (Maybe it was God) And I married my husband and he actually just adopted my son! God has been so good through my situation. I was a true party girl before so I truly related to you in your book! Looking for love in all the wrong places. I'm still working on my spiritual maturity. I just appreciate your honesty in your book. So bold! I just love it! It seems like you weren't scared to be judged and hopefully someday I'll be able to fearlessly share my story with such boldness! I hope I'm not being weird by finding you on Facebook but I just had to try because I felt connected!” 

    SE 30’s


BEAUTIFULLY FLAWED chronicles the true life story of Shari Rigby and how God transformed her flaws and painful past into something beautiful. When Shari is asked to reveal who she really is to the world — opening doors to a shameful past linked to murder, addiction, and abuse — she risks losing everything to help inspire others to use their brokenness for something greater, reminding them it’s never too late.

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