The Movement

Beautifully Flawed is about hope, encouraging others that no matter where we find ourselves, whether on top of the world or on our knees crying out on the bathroom floor, we are not alone and we can find purpose. Beautifully Flawed is not about one woman or one story, it is a MOVEMENT, one that others will be inspired to join.  We believe everyone has a story, a powerful life message to share with others, and despite our flaws, we can be beautiful, using our past experiences for good and not being held captive by them.

Beautifully Flawed will address real issues people face, not just as Christians, not just as women, but everyone. This movement will not stop with Shari, but will continue on in subsequent seasons with other women’s impactful stories. It is our responsibility to positively influence culture and help move the next generation to see themselves as purposefully and wonderfully made.

Collaborations are currently underway with marketing, manufacturing and branding companies to develop a LIFE STUDY, JOURNAL, MAKEUP, CLOTHING, JEWELRY and so much more.

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